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Contractors State License Board Notice

Make sure your contractor has a license, here's why. All you will need to do to get your contractor to take you seriously is to tell them that you are getting ready to call the CSLB unless they respond to your request. Most likely, that is all you will need to do to get their attention. All home improvement performed by a company, that becomes a fixed part of a structure requires a that contractor to be licensed and bonded. If a dispute arises between you and a contractor which is not able to be resolved, the CSLB sends out a professional in that field of expertise to evaluate the situation. If it is found that you are due money to finish the job or repair and error, the CSLB pays you from the contractor's bond. The contractor is then required to repay the CSLB the money paid out to you before the license is put back in good standing. Without repayment, the contractor is barred from legally working. The license may also be suspended or revoked due to fraudulent or unethical practices. Working without a contractors  license carries heavy fines and possible imprisonment.





*Basic coverage immediately and decide on more decorative treatments later

*Partial or total privacy in a room

*Total blackout of light

*Filter light and retain a view

*Reduce heat or glare in a room

*Improved viewing of a T.V. or computer screen

*Protect furniture, flooring, artwork or other objects from sun fade

*Add design style to a room without covering the windows too much





PLACEMENT  Most blinds look best if they can fit inside a window, especially if you have wood molding around the window. Many new double pane windows give little room to fit inside. In this case, you may want someone in the profession to help figure the best fit and side finish for inside the window.


FRENCH DOORS  When treating French doors if you put shades or blinds on the doors you will most likely have a very slight lack of total privacy since door handles limit coverage beyond the glass. Knob handles are a better choice than levers since they won't impede the shade as much.


BATHROOM MOISTURE  The pvc simulated wood blinds are a good alternative to real wood blinds where moisture is a factor, since the woods could warp. PVC isn't recommended otherwise since it can look cheap, is heavier to lift and install securely, and doesn't give much cost benefit.


CORDS Decide which side you'll want draw cords on since you usually have a choice. Also, certain blinds and shades can be purchased with an Easy Rise (a pulley system) type operating system.  On certain coverings it's worth the extra money to avoid certain child safety and function problems inherent to some draw cord type shades. This is highly recommended on roller shades to prevent side skewing of the material as it rolls up.


WHAT'S POPULAR TODAY  Bamboo, Matchstick, Grass and Reed shades are some of the most liked choices among blinds and work in almost any room design. Roman shades are also very popular. They work well in the same room with drapes for windows where a drape isn't going to work, yet you would like to use the same fabric to tie them together. 2" Wood Blinds are economical, work in most room designs and give a similar feel as plantation shutters. Mesh screen roller shades are good for retaining a view and still filtering light.  




PLACEMENT  Accentuate height in a room by placing drapes higher rather than lower in a room. Usually placement 2/3 above the window, or 4"-5" below the ceiling, or 1"-2" below a crown molding will look best.


YOUR VIEW AND LIGHT  When drapes or fabric shades will be installed outside of the window casing consider the stacking factor. If you have room on the side or above the window, you may want your treatment to stack off the windows to retain light, make the windows seem larger or keep a view.


FRENCH DOORS  If you are adding French doors, see if your contractor can have the doors open out. That would free up interior space of a room and give more options for window coverings.


FABRICS  You can save a lot of expense by finding your own fabric and trim downtown at 9th and Maple on any Monday to Sunday. This would likely be your biggest cost at full retail, so it may be worth the time invested. Be sure to confirm yardage from your fabricator before you purchase fabrics. Yardage amounts for the same treatment 

may vary depending on whether there is a pattern match.


YARDAGE  Try to have the workroom go through the yardage figures with you. Some workrooms to estimate the yardage much too high. You should have only a few extra yards in case there are any fabric flaws.


ACCENTS  Tassel ties or trim on drapes, valances or shades can make all the difference in the final look you're trying to achieve. You can make an inexpensive fabric look great by adding trim to it.


FULLNESS  If your windows are large, the yardage cost for drapes can become expensive. A custom full drape would have a hem about three times wider than the area it covers on the rod. Consider reducing drape fullness or have side drapes that don't actually close, along with sheers, blinds or shades underneath. Another way to save on yardage, is to put drapes on an iron or wood pole with rings sewn to the drape. You don't need to have traditional pleating of the drape in this case, and can make your drapes 1 1/2 to 2 times full.


DARKNESS  Black out lined drapes or shades are ideal for almost total darkness and a high reduction of heat in a room. The lining will need to be steamed for drapes to hang gracefully.


SHEERS  Sheers are excellent if you want to diffuse glare and harsh light. They also add to the feel of a room. A typical voile sheer is very inexpensive and washable.


ACCESSORIES  Don't forget that matching dust ruffles, bed spreads, pillows, window-seat cushions, table runners, chair pads and more will help tie things together.


POLES  When choosing iron poles for closing drapes, it's best to not use expandable/telescoping poles since it will be difficult to slide rings or tab drapes past the splice. Also choose a pole thickness of at least 1" diameter, otherwise the pole will likely bow. We use good quality over-the-counter poles and also have upgrades to custom iron poles made locally by an iron works shop. 


WOOD POLES & RODS  Look for Kirsch or Graber products if you are choosing a standard cord traversing rod or a standard wood pole. Their products are a good quality for the money.  For heavier drapes use a heavy duty rod or a 2" wood pole rather than a light duty rod or smaller diameter pole. If you are adding a sheer behind the drape, you'll need brackets that will extend the drape hardware farther out from the wall to accommodate the sheer.


INSTALLING  Spend the money on a good installer if you are doing anything but simple blinds. You'll want someone who can install it securely and in the correct place the first time. A good installer will use a steamer to lessen any wrinkles and improve a fabric's ability to hang correctly.


STRANGULATION  Please remember that blind or drape cords have been leading causes of infant or toddler strangulation and injury. Be sure to consider this upon installation.


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